Petition: 2015 DDS Funding Can’t Wait!

2015 DDS Funding Can't Wait!

For too long, Connecticut's Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has been deprived of the funding necessary to provide quality services for all of the state’s residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to live their best lives.

Instead of solutions to address the needs of those with I/DD, there have been a series of budget cuts that have hurt access to quality services. These cuts cannot be allowed to continue! Instead, we need to work towards a sustainable DDS system that meets the needs of all individuals with I/DD and their families.

Therefore, during the 2015 legislative session, we urge Governor Malloy and members of the Connecticut General Assembly to adopt the following 4 policy solutions:

Policy Solution #1-- Mandate that DDS services be provided to all individuals who are eligible and in need of services AND allocate the full funding necessary to meet their needs.

Policy Solution #2-- Improve access to services without cutting needed services from other individuals and families or cutting caregivers’ wages and benefits.

Policy Solution #3-- Increase provider rates to cover the true cost of quality services, including annual cost of living increases for direct care workers.

Policy Solution #4-- If someone with I/DD has unmet needs, they should be counted as part of the Waiting List until their needs are met-- not placed on an “Other Residential Needs List” or “Planning List.” Families should have an effective voice in determining the urgency of their loved ones’ unmet needs and deciding which DDS services best meet their needs.


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